by Enrosatura

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Mostly written in Innsbruck during autmn, winter and spring. 2013-2014
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Mayr in 2015.
Special thanks to Birdhill Records, Innsbruck for recording the accordion.


released December 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Enrosatura Italy

Enrosatura is longing set to music, nostalgia, refusing to be like the others while still being someone else everyday.
And travelling, eyes closed & without money.

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Track Name: Summer Dies Away
We won't forever stay as young as we may be today
maybe tomorrow I'll be gone and
be on my long way home

Look how summer dies away, oh how time goes by
eventually, one of us us, too will die
don't you dare to leave me back
i don't plan on staying here that long anyway

Summer Dies Away

It wasn't but the two of us when we'd
talk of getting out, amidst the ashes and the smoke
and the silence of the night
and the light up on that mountain guiding us our way

You know, my dear friend, when summer comes again
we could run along them rivers and scream out to the sun
"I am happy where I am. I am happy where I am"
and we could embrace at last, again,
Track Name: Lule River, Upwards
Take me up along the riverside, from Lulea -
up to where the highest of mountains lie
Then down along the coast of rainy Norway
Weariness lies heavy on my bones
Weariness weighs heavy on my mind

Try not to be misled by the filthy clothes we wear
the rugged looks in our worn-out faces
we are far away from home, we're just trying to make our way
we are not quite as disgusting as we might appear to be

Aye x3, a true bearded man am I
And bear a sailor's signs on my arm and neck
Yet still I am no privateer -
It's just my legs are tired of walking

I hope you feel alright in your climatized Mercedes
does the sun burn hard onto your skin aswell?

Aye, aye, aye a true bearded man am I
And bear a sailor's signs on my arm and neck
Yet still I am no privateer -

It's just my legs are tired of walking down the road.
Track Name: Dunes (Desert Love Story)
"I don't mean to stay away forevermore
But I'll be gone by the break of dawn
But be sure, my love, I will return
You know I love you, because -"

"Speak no more! my darling,
you know, in love there never should be any reasoning"

"I love you", he replied, "because the whole universe
led my steps, every single one of them,
to you"

"Until now I've been watching the dunes with longing
Now I
with hope"
Track Name: The Torch
Rise, o spirits! to the golden sun
Emerge, you titan! from shapeless dark
Come radiate over my shadow path
Ignite, oh the core of my melancholy heart

Hand me the torch to shed light on the lands
Awaken the hearts of a thousand men
I reign over life in celestial throne
And bow to none of them servant flesh